Eos Arrow Lite Kit
Eos Arrow Lite Kit

Eos Arrow Lite Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • Arrow Lite GPS receiver
  • Battery pack – power module
  • Antenna L1 GNSS + L-Band, SMA Female
  • Antenna cable 25 cm RSMA(M)/BNC(F)
  • Antenna cable 1 m SMA(M)/BNC(M)
  • Antenna cable 1.5 m RSMA(M)/SMA(M)
  • Soft nylon carrying case for Arrow series
  • USB cable A (M) - Mini B (M) 6' / 1.8m
  • Power supply 100-240V US or international
  • Antenna hat
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty

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Submeter (60 cm) Real-Time GPS with Free SBAS

The Arrow Lite was designed specifically with the North American GIS and mapping community in mind. It squeezes more accuracy from the GPS constellation and free SBAS corrections than any other receiver on the market. Thanks to patented technology, the Arrow Lite works under trees, around buildings, and in rugged terrain. It even works where other receivers fail to deliver. Like all Arrow Series™ receivers, the Arrow Lite provides real-time submeter corrections in the field. So there’s no more post-processing. Get higher accuracy and greater productivity from the unmatched value of Arrow Lite.

Get Higher Accuracy from Free GPS and SBAS

The Arrow Lite takes advantage of free GPS positioning and SBAS corrections to deliver unprecedented, real-time, 6o cm positioning to your field crews. Access the highest degree of accuracy possible from the available GPS and SBAS satellites, at the lowest possible price point. The Arrow Light is designed to get more out of the available free satellites. So you can have high-accuracy on any budget, confidently, reliably, and easily.

How does Arrow Lite extract submeter data with just GPS and SBAS?

Where other receivers may fail, the Arrow Lite steps in to support more GNSS and SBAS connections. Then, through patented technology, the Arrow Lite is able to extract a higher degree of accuracy than most other receivers. With Eos Tools Pro, you can monitor your location metadata to see just how accurate your coordinates are. High-accuracy GPS has never been easier.

Supports Any Device or App

Do your teams need to work on existing notebooks, a company iPad, or their own Android devices? With the Arrow Lite, they can work on any or all of the above. Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity, the Arrow Lite can connect to any smart device. And with a variety of Eos partners providing field apps we recommend — as well as a metadata library to seamlessly integrate your own app — the Arrow Lite can work with any software, too. As more and more apps and devices are introduced into the market, this makes the Arrow Lite and all Arrow Series™ receivers one of the smartest choices for building a future-proof, high-accuracy solution.

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