GEOMAX ZDL700 Digital Level

GEOMAX ZDL700 Digital Level

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Kit includes:

ZDL700, 0.7mm, Digital level, in carrying case with 1 ZDC102 usb connecting cable, CD Rom and User manual

  • GSS113 fibreglass dual face staff, 3 m, 1 section
  • ZTA100 Aluminium Tripod
  • SS111, Dual face staff 5m 4sect metric
    • note: High Precision includes GSS113 fibreglass dual face staff, 3 m, 1 section, Sprinter barcode/E-scale cm-graduation, with circular bubble, transport bag.

At GeoMax we understand that you require accurate results and demand ease of use in combination with fast operation. That's why we've introduced the ZDL700 digital level for the surveying and construction worlds. Now you can go digital with all your levelling tasks with a product that delivers outstanding price-performance and Works when you do!

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