Comparison of green & red beam pipe lasers: Visibility, range, targets and cost.

Green Beam vs. Red Beam Pipe Lasers: A Comprehensive Comparison.

Choosing the right pipe laser is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your land surveying projects. In this guide, we will compare green beam and red beam pipe lasers based on visibility, range, battery life, cost, applications, durability, and accuracy. We also look at the the differences between standard targets and Uni targets to help you choose the right combination for your projects.

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A Guide to Using Pipe and Cable Locators

Discover the ins and outs of pipe and cable locators in our latest guide. Learn about their essential components, operating modes, and how to select the right signal frequency for optimal utility detection. Gain valuable tips on improving depth estimation accuracy, minimising interference, and interpreting signals for precise locating. Plus, enhance your locator's capabilities with various accessories and ensure safety during excavation projects.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Total Station
Maintaining your total station is essential for accurate land surveying. Regular calibration, cleaning, storage, and battery maintenance are just a few of the tasks you need to perform to keep your instrument in top condition. By following our expert tips and advice, you can ensure that your total station remains reliable and accurate for years to come. Plus, we've included tips on how to identify problems early and seek professional repair services if needed. Don't let a poorly maintained total station hold you back.
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