All-In-One Versatility: Comparing the Carlson RTk5 with the BRx7 in Modern Surveying Solutions

All-In-One Versatility: Comparing the Carlson RTk5 with the BRx7 in Modern Surveying Solutions

Advanced GNSS solutions are crucial in modern surveying to ensure precision and reliability. The Carlson RTk5 and BRx7, both stellar offerings from Carlson and distributed by GlobalPos, stand at the forefront of GNSS technology. This blog explores the distinct capabilities of each system and demonstrates how they meet diverse surveying needs while complementing each other's strengths.

Carlson RTk5: The All-In-One Surveying Solution

The RTk5 revolutionises the field of surveying by combining the functionality of a data collector and a GNSS receiver into one compact, efficient device. This all-in-one system is equipped with a robust processor, 256 GB of storage, and is built to endure the rigours of fieldwork with its rugged design.

Key Features:

  • Integrated with both Carlson SurvPC and Esri, the RTk5 facilitates live updates from the field, making it invaluable for projects requiring real-time data and decision-making.
  • Its design incorporates a custom-built pole and cradle, enhancing its portability and making it exceptionally user-friendly in diverse environments.


  • Advanced GNSS with RTK support ensures top-tier accuracy.
  • The unit’s all-in-one design and ease of use make it perfect for diverse surveying contexts, from urban development to rural infrastructure projects.

BRx7: Tailored for Tough Terrains

The BRx7 excels where extensive GNSS capabilities and rugged durability are required. It supports a broad range of satellite systems and is engineered for precision across global operations. Its adaptability to various software and scalability make it particularly suited for expansive and intricate projects.

Key Features:

  • Advanced GNSS capabilities ensure real-time, accurate data processing.
  • Customisable to fit specific surveying needs, the BRx7 is built to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


  • Its robust construction guarantees dependable performance in challenging conditions.
  • Best suited for large-scale projects, the BRx7 meets the demands of extensive data handling and multi-user collaboration.

Comparative Insights: RTk5 and BRx7 in Action

While both units feature cutting-edge GNSS technology, they serve distinct purposes. The RTk5, as an all-in-one data collector and GNSS receiver, is the ideal choice for those requiring a versatile, portable tool capable of handling a variety of surveying tasks. It ensures that professionals have a lightweight, comprehensive tool at their disposal, perfect for immediate data analysis and updates.

Conversely, the BRx7's strength lies in its ability to perform under pressure in large, demanding environments. With its focus on durability and advanced GNSS functionality, it is indispensable for large-scale, complex projects that require robust, customisable capabilities.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Surveying Projects

Selecting the appropriate GNSS system need not be a complex decision. Opt for the RTk5 if your projects demand a versatile, efficient, and portable system. For more demanding, large-scale projects, the BRx7 provides the power and customisation necessary to achieve precise results. At GlobalPos, we're committed to supporting your choice with in-depth expertise and a comprehensive product range.

Reach out to GlobalPos today for personalised advice and support, and be sure to watch our latest YouTube review of the RTk5 to see it in action. Let our experts help you elevate your surveying capabilities with the right tools tailored to every task, ensuring your projects achieve precision and efficiency.