Septentrio AsteRx-m3 Development Kit

Septentrio AsteRx-m3 Development Kit

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Development kit board: optional board, compatible with any AsteRx-m3 product, that is designed for laboratory usage to help customers perform software development even before having finalized HW integration.

Kit comes with Development kit accessories:

  • 2 Null Modem serial cables for Dev kit                                   
  • RJ45 Ethernet cable                                       
  • USB Device (µUSB type)                               
  • International (US, UK, AU, EU) wall USB Power adapter, 5W, 5V                                  
  • 2 antenna cables: MMCX with 90deg connector to TNC female (jack) – 20 cm                                       
  • Pack of small parts with spacers(4), screws(8), washers(8), jumpers(8), 16pin matted connectors(2), 6pin-matted connectors(4) and 8pin-matted connector(1)                                     
  • Box/enclosure for the Devkit including Septentrio front stickers, screws and log button to house a Devkit board. 

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