Effigis EZTag

Effigis EZTag

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EZTag CETM is a geospatial data acquisition software. This professional solution enables GNSS/GIS data capture and management, and it includes an efficient GIS viewer.

Data collection made easy

EZTag CE allows you to easily collect geospatial data, including points, lines and polygons, along with their specific attributes. Ready-to-use without programming, the EZTag CE data dictionary editor manages simple and relational data models. Users can customize the data capture properties to match their own office database structure. 

Other benefits:

  • The EZTag CE Plan View swiftly and efficiently displays vector and raster map data, along with collected GNSS features.

  • To ensure the very best accuracy from the mobile GIS/GNSS unit of your choice, EZTag CE allows you to collect valuable GNSS observations, necessary for post-processing.

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