Eos Arrow Gold+ Kit  GNSS Receiver

Eos Arrow Gold+ Kit GNSS Receiver

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Multifrequency GNSS smart antenna

The Arrow Gold is the first high-accuracy Bluetooth GNSS receiver to implement all four global GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), multi-frequency, and satellite-based RTK augmentation on iOS, Android, and Windows.  The new Arrow Gold+ adds full-band support for all GNSS signals including Galileo's new, free High-Accuracy Service (HAS).  Both the Arrow Gold and Arrow Gold+ receivers work with all apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows.



  • Arrow GOLD+ receiver w/Serial Port
  • Battery Pack / power module
  • Multifrequency Activation L2 LS
  • RTK Base & Rover activation
  • Multi-Constellation GNSS Activation SafeRTK activation
  • Antenna with mounting plate and bumper
    • Antenna GNSS L1/L2/L5, L-Band
    • Antenna mounting plate, 5"/12 cm dia.
    • Bumper for 5" antenna plate
  • Antenna cable 10 cm BNC(M) / RSMA(M)
  • Antenna cable 10 cm RSMA(M) / BNC(F)
  • USB cable A (M) - Mini B (M) 6' / 1.8m Power supply 100-240V
  • Pole bracket assembly with pins and screws
  • Pole clamp for pole 1 ¼"
  • Hard shell case for Arrow
  • 2 Year standard warranty

    Download Datasheet

    The Arrow Gold+™ includes all of the features of the standard Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver. However, the Arrow Gold+™ also includes these extra features and enhancements: 

    • Longer battery life

    • Support for even more GNSS signals

    • Ability to use B3 and L5 signals concurrently while using RTK corrections

    • Support for the upcoming Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS)

    • Support for multiplexing

    • Support for multipoint

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