GEOMAX  Sonde - Maxi (12m Depth)

GEOMAX Sonde - Maxi (12m Depth)

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Enhance the capabilities of your GEOMAX pipe and cable locator

GEOMAX Sonde - Maxi, the perfect solution for locating non-conductive utilities and tracing the path of pipes and cables with ease. This powerful and compact self-contained transmitter enhances the capabilities of your GEOMAX pipe and cable locator system, providing reliable and accurate utility detection in a variety of applications.

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This dual frequency compact sonde can be used to trace drains, sewers and other nonconductive utilities. It acts like a signal transmitter and can be attached to a range of equipment including drain rods, boring tools and inspection cameras. Once attached to a rod (or similar) the Sonde can be inserted and pushed along the utility under investigation. Using an EZiCAT cable locator trace the route of the utility or find the position of the blockage. It operates in 8kHz or 33kHz as indicated by its flashing LED.

Ideal for:

  • Tracing the path of a pipe or drain
  • Locating blockages or collapses in drains
  • Locating or tracing non-metallic pipes that dont produce a signal.
  • The depth range of the Sonde is up to 12m.

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