GEOMAX X-PAD Ultimate Survey

GEOMAX X-PAD Ultimate Survey

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Main modules

X-PAD Ultimate ensures productivity in the field, provides perfect integration between measure tools. Running on Android, it brings the best technologies to topography: full 3D viewer, integration of your data with the maps, camera for augmented reality, direct data exchange with cloud platforms, use of sensors, voice commands and much more.

Available in two versions, one dedicated to the professional surveyors and one dedicated to the construction company, offers to both a specific working environment and a set of dedicated features.


X-PAD Ultimate Survey

X-PAD Ultimate survey is the best solution for professional surveyors that wants accuracy, complete features, flexibility, data integration, scalability and the last technologies in the field. With a set of different modules, X-PAD Ultimate Survey covers all the needs in the field using TPS and GNSS measure tools.

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