GEOMAX Zeta125 Series Pipe Lasers

GEOMAX Zeta125 Series Pipe Lasers

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Consistent precision and accuracy are ensured by the compact, robust and fully featured GeoMax pipe lasers. With functional and versatile configuration, a full range of features and a tough design, the Zeta series of pipe lasers fit all your needs.

Maximum productivity

Be the most productive you can be with fast self-levelling, automatic target alignment, and cross axis compensation.

Maximum flexibility

GeoMax pipe lasers fit a wide range of accessories with long distance remote control and safe and versatile charging options.

Maximum robustness

With IP68 certification for submerge proof and a full metal housing, the Zeta125 is built to last.

Maximum accuracy

Get an error-free job done, no matter what the situation or the environmental conditions might be.


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