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Laser Receiver

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Kit Includes:

Zone60 HG Semi-automatic dual slope laser

  • Charger for Zone lasers
  • Li-Ion battery pack for Zone20/40/60
  • Zone60HG pro and digital capability
  • Options
    • Basic - ZRB90 Basic Receiver
    • Pro -ZRP105 Pro Receiver
    • Digital -ZRD105 Digital Receiver


Three year warranty with the possibility to extend two years (add as an accessory)


The powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotators portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications. Regardless if you're just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you're a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work when you do.

Choose the perfect laser for your levelling, aligning or grading application from one of the best laser rotator portfolios in the market.

Solid-built and dependable in any element, these lasers ensure long-lasting operations thanks to multiple charging options and offer interchangeable accessories.

Adding easy-to-use, dial-in grade capability to the dependability of the Zone40 H core, this laser is more flexible in use and enables semi-automatic grade in levelling applications. Zone60 HG allows a grade to 8 per cent in both axes and convinces with high accuracy. Through the display settings, inclinations are clearly made visible and allows an easy and intuitive operation. Zone60 HG is made for exterior applications and is an ideal partner for concrete as well as formworks.

Easy slope setting

For contractors who need to constantly check the height of concrete to ensure optimum levelling is achieved, the Zone60 HG solves their issue by providing accurate and reliable reference working together with GeoMax receivers. For those who need to level the base to achieve a consistent slope from the street to the house, the laser allows automatic operation in the horizontal plane and therefore takes care of the contractor's main job. The grade can be easily set to the required slope.

Monitor the performance

With the slope function, time and temperature changes are frequently monitored to ensure accurate performance.

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