Geomax Zoom75 Series Robotic Total Station

Geomax Zoom75 Series Robotic Total Station

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GeoMax Zoom75 Total Station: The Ultimate Surveying Equipment for Accuracy and Efficiency

Take your surveying projects to the next level with the GeoMax Zoom75 Total Station. This is the perfect surveying instrument for professionals in need of accuracy and efficiency. It is optimised for use in construction and land surveying and provides top-rated results. It is one of the top total station brands on the market and is available for sale at competitive prices. With its high-quality features, the GeoMax Zoom75 Total Station is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the one of the best total stations on the market.

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Zoom75, WinCE Servo Total Station with AiM360 and TRack360, 1", (choice of 1", 2" 3"or 5"), (choice of accXXess5 or EDMaccXXess10 EDM), NavLight, alphanumeric keyboard with VGA colour & touch display, Long Range Bluetooth Handle interface, internal Bluetooth, USB port, SD Card slot, Quick Guide and shipping case.

Kit includes:

  • ZMS108 USB Memory Stick 8GB
  • ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah
  • ZCH201 Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400 Li-Ion batteries
  • ZTR201 Advanced Tribrach without optical plummet, black
  • GRZ122, 360° reflector with 5/8" thread 
  • ZDC301 USB cable Mini-USB to USB Host (Zipp10/Zipp20/Zoom40/Zoom90/Zoom95 to a PC/Tablet)


    The Zoom75 robotic TPS is a smart, affordable choice for both novice and experienced surveyors. As a reliable one-person total station, the Zoom75 has an optional long-range Bluetooth handle, along with the GeoTRAil function that finds your prism based on the GNSS position transferred from your field controller. Combined with the X-PAD field software, the user-friendly and flexible solution makes it easy to start digitising your construction site.

    Modern Data capturing & handling

    No more paper plans. Upload your plans onto the X-PAD Ultimate field software or into the TPS, and conveniently edit the CAD drawings on-site on the big screen of the GeoMax robotic total stations. Big files can be handled easily and fast thanks to the strong performing processor of the Zoom75. With the unique X-TILT feature and the Zenius800, inaccessible points are no longer a challenge. X-TILT automatically calculates a point position by tilting the tablet attached to the prism pole, in two directions.

    Seamless workflow with maximum flexibility

    X-PAD software, GeoMax field controllers and the Zoom75 robotic TPS are carefully chosen and developed to enable a carefree and efficient workflow. X-PAD gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred operating system and field controller as it is available as fully-featured Android ™ and Windows ® field software running on a multitude of field controllers.

    One-person total station

    Equipped with the long-range Bluetooth® handle, the Zoom75 transforms into a true one-person total station. It supports the advanced prism search, based on the GNSS position of the controller, mounted on the pole. As there is no need for special, expensive and power-consuming active prisms, this total station is ideal on any worksite. Zoom75 keeps your pole lightweight and convenient to carry all survey-day long!


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