Javad Triumph-LS

Javad Triumph-LS

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The Ultimate RTK Land Survey Machine

Receiver+Antenna+Radio Modem+Controller+Pole

  • Base or Rover

  • GSM Modem

  • UHF Transmit & Receive

  • Lifetime Firmware & Software Updates

  • 3-Year Unlimited Warranty


Store and Stake like never before

Introducing GUIDE data collection in the TRIUMPH-LS. Visual Stake-out, navigation, 6-parallel RTK engines, over 3,000 coordinate conversions, advanced CoGo features, versatile attribute tagging, feature coding and automatic photo and voice documentation on a high resolution, large, bright 800x480 pixels display.

Productivity & Performance

864 channels combined with three powerful processors and program memory in a single chip which uses less power and makes the total system less expensive.

Some questioned the need for the 216 channels. They now realize the need for 440 channels. We assign multiple channels to each satellite for redundancy and reliability. We use over 100 channels to scan GNSS bands for interference (patent pending). 864 channels is the KEY to reliable performance.

Our satellite tracking technology, 6-parallel RTK engines, visual stakeout, revolutionary innovative simple and accurate field line work, visual stakeout, an unique interference monitoring and reporting feature, TRIUMPH-LS is the most advanced GNSS system ever built. 

Interference Monitoring and Reporting

Have you noticed in some places on some days that your receiver does not operate as it should? Intentional and unintentional interference appears almost everywhere. The Triumph-LS has the best avilable interference protection. It is the only receiver that monitors and reports interference graphically and numerically. Over 100 channels are dedicated to continuous interference monitoring.

Interference awareness is a must when performing GNSS work. It allows safe GNSS operation in a city, airport and military environment.

Software/Firmware Update

The TRIUMPH-LS notifies you when updates are available. You choose when to download and install them. Updates can be performed over Wi-Fi, no cables required!

Offset Survey with Photogrammetry

Offsets can be calculated using the internal camera of the TRIUMPH-LS or with an external camera!

Battery Life: 25 Hours; System Weight: 2.5 Kg ( 5.5 lb)

25 hour battery life in RTK rover mode with full screen brightness and UHF/GSM. “Hot Swappable” and “removable batteries” are concepts of the past.

Two hours of charge = Two days of surveying

The internal batteries are field serviceable and can be easily replaced by the user when needed.

The TRIUMPH-LS, including batteries and pole is the lightest complete GNSS RTK receiver in its class. The total weight of the TRIUMPH-LS RTK system, including radio, controller, pole and 25 hours of internal battery is 2.5 Kg.

Rugged, Tough, Versatile

You can collapse the pole and take the unit next to you in your car seat. There are no long poles and no separate controller and brackets to disassemble.

Built on a tough magnesium alloy chassis, all connectors, SIM cards, Micro-SD cards are protected against the harshest environment.

12 Keys provide direct access to product functions. 
3 Keys are user programmable.

The built in GNSS full tracking antenna has a large ground plane and the best centering and rotational performance on the market.

Offset Survey with Photogrammetry

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