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MicroSurvey embeddedCAD

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MicroSurvey embeddedCAD is a Standalone CAD Desktop Software Powered by Autodesk Technology™

Cadastral Tools

There are many CAD software choices on the market, including dedicated engineering packages that allow you to perform survey drafting tasks, but few that are dedicated to that task. Survey-centric tools are where embeddedCAD or MicroSurvey inCAD stand out from other CAD offerings. EmbeddedCAD is an all-in-one tool that allows you to design and create your drawings in a current Autodesk environment for seamless exchange with other engineering disciplines, and without fear of compatibility issues. If your business is standardized on an Autodesk product, using inCAD inside your existing AutoCAD or Civil3D platform places all the tools you need to use just a few clicks away in dedicated survey tool menus. In both cases, all your work can be done quickly and easily without having to navigate complex or cumbersome software routines and features that are intended for other engineering disciplines. Use purpose-built tools designed by surveyors, for surveyors, and stop using CAD work-arounds for survey calculations. Let us provide you with solutions developed specifically with the geomatics industry in mind.

Data Interchangeability

MicroSurvey focuses on brand neutral format support. EmbeddedCAD and inCAD work with industry standard dwg and dgn CAD formats, commonly used GIS file types and land xml format in a familiar AutoDesk environment to simplify data exchange with clients, colleagues and most common surveying sensors on the market today. Our business model has always catered to customers who build their business around efficient workflows, and who prefer not to be locked down to one platform. This open compatibility enables you to work with a more varied set of clients across multiple disciplines. We can save you time training (and retraining) employees through compatibility and consistency between versions. You can develop a standard approach to every project, and trust that you won’t be disrupted the next time you need to upgrade equipment or software. Just like your business, our products continue grow along with you, and with the requirements of the industry. MicroSurvey thinks like you and works like you do.

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