SECO Sliding 360° Prism Kit

SECO Sliding 360° Prism Kit

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  • The prism assembly on this prism kit slides on 9-mm-diameter solid steel pin poles, graduated in cm
  • The four solid yellow pole sections have cm grooves that the ball-detent in the prism assembly will automatically center on
  • Replaceable stainless steel point
  • The assembly is composed of seven 12.7-mm diameter silver-coated mini-prisms in a 360° configuration
  • Prism offset is +2mm
  • Adjustable circular vial is 40-minute
  • Clamp screw locks the prism assembly anywhere on the pole
  • Data collector adapter and carrying case are included
  • Weighs 1.70 lbs (0.77 kg)

PN: 5910-24

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