Septentrio AntaRx-AUX

Septentrio AntaRx-AUX

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Septentrio AntaRx-AUX

GNSS antenna to be used with AntaRx-S(i)3 smart antenna in dual-antenna heading setups:

Multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS antenna, in a rugged, IP69k-rated housing for robust operation in the harshest environments. This antenna is ideally suited to work in combination with the AntaRx-S3 (GNSS only) or AntaRx-Si3 (GNSS and INS) smart antennas, for installations requiring heading.

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Adding an auxiliary GNSS antenna to your receiver enables heading and pitch or heading and roll measurements without the need for movement.

Auxiliary GNSS antenna compatible with the AntaRx receiver

Full-constellation, triple-frequency satellite tracking
Integrates seamlessly with AntaRx-S3 or AntaRx-Si3 smart antennas, to provide precise heading & pitch or heading & roll capability
Ruggedized design


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