Septentrio GeoTagZ

Septentrio GeoTagZ

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GeoTagZ enables a revolutionary new way of surveying. Using GeoTagZ in combination with the AsteRx-m UAS receiver, it is now possible to obtain centimetre-level RTK precision from aerial survey. 

Using UAVs dramatically reduces time and cost in comparison to traditional methods: 

  • No need for ground control points

  • No need for real-time RTK corrections 

  • GeoTagZ output provides direct input for image processing software


Key features

With COSMOS you can see at a glance:

  • Signal quality

  • Uptime

  • Temperature

  • Voltage

  • Marker information 

Ready for processing

Whether using the updated photographs with embedded RTK-level positions or the position data in CSV format, the output of GeoTagZ provides direct input for image processing software.


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