Septentrio PolaNt* MC

Septentrio PolaNt* MC

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The PolaNt* MC is a lightweight, sturdy high precision geodetic multi-frequency multi-constellation antenna for use in physically demanding applications. PolaNt* MC is compatible with the PolaRx/AsteRx/LBR family of high performance multiple-frequency GNSS receivers. This high-gain antenna incorporates a low-noise amplifier, and is built into a rugged and environmentally sealed housing with aluminum bottom plate.

Please note: Septentrio’s updated versions bring the support of the E6/L6 bands as well as the addition of B3 band for Beidou constellation. On top of these new bands support, the out of band signal rejection has been increased providing enhanced protection against signals like LTE

Key features

  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou signals capable

  • Reception of Inmarsat L-Band signals compatible with SECORX, Veripos and Fugro correction services

  • Ruggedized design


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