Septentrio PolaRx5e

Septentrio PolaRx5e

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Septentrio PolaRx5e Datasheet

Model: Septentrio PolaRx5e FULL (Multi-frequency multiconstellation reference receiver, all options included)

Included options:

  • Px5_Base: Outputs RTCM/CMR Messages
  • Px5_RTK:  RTK for static applications, ie inter-station distance determination
  • Px5_Event:  Event Marker option (2 marker inputs)
  • Px5_GAL:  Galileo Tracking and Measurement generation
  • Px5_BDS:  BeiDou Tracking and Measurement generation
  • Px5_IRNSS:  IRNSS Tracking and Measurement generation (L5)
  • Px5_QZSS_L6:  QZSS L6 Tracking and nav bits
  • Px5_HD:  Output of 100Hz raw measurements

    PolaRx5e receivers have a ruggedized IP68 housing and are equipped with an internal battery. Standard deliveries include a 110V-220V variable power adapter, a power cable, a null modem cable, a USB cable, a Ethernet cable, RxTools an intuitive GUI tools for receiver monitoring and data conversion and analysis.
    All receivers standard include a configurable PPS output signal, 10 MHz reference input/output, datalogging capability and Ethernet interface.


    The PolaRx5e is an IP68 compliant GNSS reference receiver complete with battery. It offers GNSS performance identical to that of the PolaRx5. 

    PolaRx5e is a versatile and robust multi-frequency GNSS reference receiver. The unique design of its tracking provides measurements with the lowest noise on the market while constantly monitoring and protecting against ionospheric interference, multipath and other environmental effects. 

    The PolaRx5e is developed specifically to support the most demanding applications for the earth science community offering a select range of advanced features which enable maximum accuracy and functionality. Powered by Septentrio’s next generation multi-frequency engine, the PolaRx5e offers 544 hardware channels for robust and high quality GNSS tracking. Septentrio’s field-proven Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology enables the PolaRx5e to filter out both intentional and unintentional sources of radio interference, from narrowband signals over high powered pulsed signals to chirp jammers and Iridium interferers.

    Septentrio’s patented APME+ multipath mitigation technology – unique in eliminating short delay multipath without introduction of bias – guarantees superior measurement quality. If needed, the user has the ability to activate or deactivate APME+ to obtain completely unmodified measurements.

    Independent tests have shown the PolaRx5e to consistently rank highest among GNSS receivers in many areas of measurement quality, including fewest number of cycle slips and lowest power consumption well below 2W.

    Key features

    GNSS performance is identical to that of the  PolaRx5

    • Tracks all visible GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, IRNSS)

    • High precision, low noise measurements

    • Unique interference monitoring

    • Powerful web interface and logging tools

    • Rugged housing and multiple interfaces

    • Up to 8 independent logging sessions

    • Logging both internally and to an external device

    • Internal battery for autonomous >24-hour operation (only PolaRx5e)

    • IP68 compliant (only PolaRx5e)


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