Septentrio Robotics Interface Board

Septentrio Robotics Interface Board

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The Robotics Interface Board is an optional board that coupled with Septentrio GNSS receiver boards provides common interfaces like USB, ethernet, on board logging and other functionalities designed for rapid prototyping, product evaluation or efficient integration.

Key features

  • Resilient to vibrations and shocks
  • 44 pins I/O connector for autopilots such as Pixhawk
  • On-board logging
  • Micro USB connector

Reduce time to market
For faster time to market use the Robotic Interface Board directly for production, saving time and costs needed for GNSS OEM receiver integration. On top of that you will already have access to pre-integrated on-board logging on micro-SD card, external interfaces such as micro-USB as well as the SAMTEC TMM-122-03-S-S-MW connector together with a commonly used 44 pins I/O connector.
Ideal for testing
During the development phase you may need to test multiple prototypes and hardware configurations. Thanks to the onboard logging the Robotics Interface Board allows you to easily move the GNSS receiver from machine to machine. You can then quickly access the logging data via USB for further analysis.

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