GEOMAX Zenith06 Smart Antenna

GEOMAX Zenith06 Smart Antenna

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A simple GNSS rover that will give you more flexibility, and save more time and money.

Survey equipment can be expensive and complex to use. More affordable entry-level devices don't always meet accuracy standards, which can lead to costly rework, material waste or contractual suing. The Zenith06 entry-level smart antenna, with X-PAD field software, is a solution that offers both simplicity and accuracy while being cost-effective.

Learn fast, start working faster

The simple rover and user-friendly field software eliminate the need for expensive training and experience to produce reliable outcomes. The software has an intuitive workflow, developed side by side with the customer, which allows for quick familiarisation.

Seamless and intuitive workflow

X-PAD software and the Zenith06 GNSS are carefully chosen and developed to deliver a carefree and efficient workflow. This begins with the accelerated connection process thanks to the innovative and unique QR-iConnect functionality. Forget the times of tedious sensor search and selection by toggling through extensive device lists. Simply scan and go!


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